777 Charlie Movie Review

777 Charlie Movie Review: Did Rajshit Shetty’s Film Impress The Audience & Fans?

Appearance for someone who will give you the same look as Charlie. When Charlie first sees Dharma sauntering through the mist, his beard and two-effs-given attitude, she is enamoured.

Her gaze is riveted on the subject of her fascination, while the rest of her body is still. If she had been able to speak, she might have burst into song.

777 Charlie Movie Review

The fact that Charlie is a dog is quickly forgotten. Kiranraj K’s Kannada film 777 Charlie, about a human’s bond with his pet, features one of the most extraordinary canine performances in recent memory.

Charlie is the film’s clear-eyed, wet-nosed soul, expressing the same range of emotions as her human countess.

Rakshit Shetty, a Kannada actor and filmmaker, plays Dharma, a grouchy loner whose heart is as empty as his house, which is cluttered with beer bottles and leftover idli.

Dharma isn’t the favourite uncle in his residential community because he despises everyone, especially himself.

Redemption is a sight to behold, with expressive chocolate peepers and a thumping tail. After being compelled to dogsit Charlie, Dharma forms an unshakable bond with him. The bonds become a sailor’s knot when Charlie has a health issue.

777 Charlie is a Hindi-dubbed film on the life of Charlie Chaplin. Charlie’s given name is Keaton, after Buster Keaton, one of Chaplin’s contemporaries.

Because she is usually seen scampering around and making havoc in her surroundings, Charlie’s antics and hyperactive demeanour suggest that she is a direct descendent of silent film stars.

Sangeetha Sringeri, who portrays an animal rights activist, Raj B Shetty, Bobby Simha, who portrays a stud farm owner that Dharma meets on his travels, and Danish Sait, who portrays a journalist, are among the cast members.

In contrast, the 165-minute picture is mostly a two-hander between Dharma and Charlie, who are both traumatised in different ways and seeking redemption and love.

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