After Laal Singh Chaddha & RakshaBandhan, now Alia Bhatt's darlings are targeted

After Laal Singh Chaddha & RakshaBandhan, now Alia Bhatt’s darlings are targeted

Alia Bhatt is currently gearing up for the release of her next Netflix movie, Darlings. The actress plays the role of Badrunissa Shaikh, a survivor of domestic violence. The film also stars Vijay Varma, Shefali Shah and Roshan Mathew in key roles.

As expected, the film attracted a significant audience, but at the same time, the hashtag “boycott Alia Bhatt” is trending on Twitter. The film’s promotion of domestic violence caused some upheaval just a day before its scheduled premiere. In the film, Vijay portrays her husband, Hamza, and the trailer shows how the mother-daughter team kidnaps him in retaliation for beating her.

Alia’s character goes to great lengths to get revenge on the man, including punching him and submerging his face in water. Netizens believe the film celebrates and incites domestic violence. While the film mainly focuses on how Alia’s character treats Hamza the way she was treated, netizens feel differently.

As a result, the boycott trend has taken over the internet and everyone has a lot to say.

However, some have a good case on their side when speaking out against Alia Bhatt’s boycott movement. Some people think that before the hashtag is trending on social media, everyone should see the trailer.

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