Box Office: RRR has a Strong Fourth Week in face of KGF 2; Keeps it on course to Rs. 900 crores in India

RRR had a very good fourth week at the Indian box office, as it grossed over Rs. 31.50 crores approx in the face of big competition from KGF Chapter 2 and Beast. The weekly drop from the previous week was around 65 per cent, which is an excellent hold with the sort of competition it had. The film was able to retain one screen at most plexes and the holiday factor helped the occupancies to high levels. It was also probably getting overflow from KGF 2 at the places where the latter was going full. 


The fourth-week collections keep the film on course to Rs. 900 crores but that will still need some good holds this week and hope that it has some collecting capacity during the Eid week. The film has sold around 4.5 crores  tickets so far, making it the third biggest movie in terms of admits in the last decade just behind S.S. Rajamouli’s previous two movies; Baahubali: The Conclusion and Baahubali: The Beginning. The film could have gone for 5 crores admits but there is a big shortfall in admissions in Nizam due to an insane hike in ticket prices, where it is around 2/3rd of first Baahubali and less than half of Baahubali 2, while it has broken the GROSS record by around 40 per cent. The film could have perhaps done similar business if prices were a bit sane but footfalls could have been 1 crore plus, which is something all the legendary Blockbusters in Nizam have done in recent past.


The box office collections of RRR at the Indian box office are as follows:


Week One – Rs. 517.20 crores

Week Two – Rs. 230.50 crores

Week Three – Rs. 90.70 crores


4th Friday – Rs. 6.70 crores

4th Saturday – Rs. 6.70 crores

4th Sunday – Rs. 8 crores

4th Monday – Rs. 3 crores

4th Tuesday – Rs. 2.70 crores

4th Wednesday – Rs. 2.40 crores

4th Thursday – Rs. 2.10 crores


Total – Rs. 870 crores


The film has exhausted its run in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and was basically collecting in North India and AP/TS yesterday. Karnataka had a good fourth weekend despite the release of KGF 2 and Beast here.  AP/TS has collected around Rs. 385 crores to date and will probably add another Rs. 5 crores or so, just shy of Rs. 400 crores. North India breached Rs. 300 crores as well during the weekdays and will probably close around Rs. 315-320 crores. The film will be a losing affair to some of its distributors, but that’s more due to the fact that distributors paid more than they should have. The media in trade puts a lot of importance on how a film fares for distributors but a film’s performance shouldn’t be measured on how internal dealings between two parties went but on how the film fared at the box office. A film can’t be called FLOP or AVERAGE if it does BLOCKBUSTER business but was sold at ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER rates. More on this will be written on some other day. 


The territorial breakdown of RRR at the Indian box office is as follows:


Nizam – Rs. 160.50 crores (Rs. 93 crores share)

Ceeded – Rs. 60.50 crores (Rs. 44.50 crores share)

Andhra – Rs. 164 crores (Rs. 97 crores share)


AP/TS – Rs. 385 crores (Rs. 234.50 crores share)


Karnataka – Rs. 78.50 crores (Rs. 38.25 crores share)

Tamil Nadu – Rs. 79 crores (Rs. 39 crores share)

Kerala – Rs. 25.25 crores (Rs. 10.50 crores share)

North India – Rs. 302.25 crores (Rs. 116.75 crores share)


Total – Rs. 870 crores (Rs. 439 crores share)


RRR has grossed another $27 million overseas for a worldwide total of Rs. 1074 crores approx. The worldwide distributor share is Rs. 531 crores approx. 



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