Box Office Toofan continues for KGF Chapter 2 in the Second Weekend; To Top 700 crores Today

The box office toofan continues for KGF Chapter 2 in its second week. There were a few drops on the weekdays for the Hindi version in North India but the film held superbly there on Second Friday and had a big surge on Saturday. The Yash starrer has grossed Rs. 77 crores in two days of the second week so far and is heading for Rs. 135 crores plus second weekend. The total through yesterday is Rs. 697 crores and will be nearing Rs. 750 crores at end of the day today. This put Rs. 900 crores back on the menu for the film and maybe just maybe if it is helped enough by Eid holidays may even go close to Rs. 1000 crores, something which was written off after weekdays biz.


The box office collections of KGF: Chapter 2 at the Indian box office are as follows:


Week 1 – Rs. 620 crores (8 days)


2nd Friday – Rs. 31 crores

2nd Saturday – Rs. 46 crores


Total – Rs. 697 crores


KGF 2 will become the biggest grosser ever in Karnataka state today overtaking Baahubali 2.  The film has broken every possible box office record in the state since its release and in quite a fashion. It reached Rs. 100 crores in the state in half the time taken by Baahubali 2 and now will go over the entire run of that film grosser in mere 11 days. The weekly drop on Saturday for the movie was just 50 per cent coming off such high numbers is simply incredible. The way it is going even Rs. 200 crores lifetime biz can’t be ruled out at the moment, though Rs. 180-190 crores will be a more realistic target.


The trend for the movie is simply extraordinary in Tamil Nadu, where it recorded the biggest Second Saturday ever beating Baahubali 2  yesterday. When the actuals come, it is possible that yesterday was the biggest day in the run so far as the business was very close to its Sunday business. Even if it falls short of that yesterday, today it most certainly will be beating its first Sunday. The film stands at Rs. 63 crores approx so far in the state and looks certain to reach Rs. 100 crores.


The territorial breakdown for the box office collections of KGF: Chapter 2 in India are as follows:


Karnataka – Rs. 127 crores

AP/TS – Rs. 119.50 crores

Tamil Nadu – Rs. 63 crores

Kerala – Rs. 46 crores

North India – Rs. 341.50 crores


Total – Rs. 697 crores


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