Fantastic Four Here's How Adam Driver Might Look As Doctor Doom

Fantastic Four: Here’s How Adam Driver Might Look As Doctor Doom!

Makers at Marvel Studios are currently working on their upcoming project Fantastic Four very excitingly, this will be the fourth attempt at a live-action franchise including Marvel’s First Family.

Here’s How Adam Driver Might Look Playing As Doctor Doom In “Fantastic Four”!

There is no doubt in it that Kevin Feige (President of Marvel Studios) as well as the company wants to do the grand launch of the movie, providing Fox’s past attempt at a reboot resulted in one of the best widely-panned comic book movies ever released.

It simply indicates that the star cast will possibly feature a mix of newcomers as well as A-Grade stars.

The latest reports associated with the movie suggest Adam Driver has met with the outfit in favor of a role, they are too many people who are expecting to Star Wars alumnus will play the role of Victor Von Doom in this popular series.

Here's How Adam Driver Might Look Playing As Doctor Doom In Fantastic Four

We have enjoyed the two versions of Fantastic Four in the last two decades the first one was launched in the year 2005 and another one was released in the year 2015.

Both movies failed in several elements. The worse part of its last movie Fantastic Four reboot was the mischaracterization of the famous characters – particularly, Doctor Doom. 

Adam Driver could be the best choice for Doctor Doom’s character in the movie. His understanding of the playing complex as well as layered characters is vast, and he has already played a very well role in the movie Star Wars and he is a veteran actor.

Adam Driver is also an experienced actor who knows very well how to perform or act outside the “screen area” as well as he can play the dramatic behavior that Doctor Doom has in the comics in a much better manner.

It has been already introduced to Mister Fantastic in Doctor Strange2 movie by Marvel studios (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness), with John Krasinski playing the role in the film.

But after a few times, it was revealed by the director Sam Raimi himself that it was just fan service. This indicates that MCU is possibly seeking forward to a different Reed Richards for its major timeline.

The actor played Reed Richards of a different universe Earth-838 in doctor strange as well as was ultimately killed by Wanda Maximoff in a very cruel way.

The recent rumors were disclosed by The Ankler’s Jeff Sneider who is the senior movie reporter at Collider has claimed that the meeting has been conducted between Adam Driver and Marvel Studios for a role in MCU’s Fantastic Four and he has also revealed earlier about the information about actor Harrison Ford into the MCU which was later confirmed officially by the Marvel Studios.

However, it should be taken with a pinch of salt, we will be able to see Adam Driver taking over the layer of the smartest man alive in MCU in their major timeline of Earth-616.

While another bunch of rumors declares that he will not be playing for Reed Richards but will be cast as Doctor Doom.

According to the Strong reports he has been selected by Marvel studios to portray Reed Richards.

Following that, during an interview, Emily Blunt also suggested that the MCU might also include back The Office artist in its major timeline so there is still the best deal of mystery around the casting. Marvel’s Fantastic Four film shooting may be begun in the year 2023.

According to the reports, Shakman as well as its executive producers are preparing for the shooting. So, if the makers and studios have made the strategy to launch this movie earlier then the cast selection is essential for them and they will have to do it next few months.

If Driver is a part of the movie, we’ll be excited to see him in the movie and it doesn’t matter which role he is playing. There is no official casting news announced from Marvel Studios till now.

Apart from these according to the rumors Jodie Comer may play the role of Sue Storm in the movie, John Krasinki as a Reed Richards and many more names are thrown out there in the media so it will be very interesting to see which actor plays which role in this most awaited movie.

The skilled writers Jeff Kaplan, as well as Ian Springer, will be handling the script for the film which will be centered around Marvel’s “First Family.”

Sneider also recommended the name Ryan Gosling for Doctor Doom in back summertime.

Fantastic Four will be released on February 14 in the year 2025, and directed by Matt Shakman who is famous for Marvel’s WandaVision, as well as screenwriters will be comedy writers Ian Springer and Jeff Kaplan.

You will have to stay tuned with the information about Adam Driver’s potential Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as well as look for Marvel Studio’s Fantastic Four which is going hit cinemas on February 14, 2025.

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