Who is Frankie Muniz's Spouse Paige Price

Who Is Frankie Muniz’s Spouse Paige Price?

In addition to being famous as Frankie Muniz’s wife, Price is also a successful model and actress. At age 18, the Pennsylvania native began her modeling career, and in 2013, she received the title of Miss Classic Kumite.


Everything To Know About Paige Price, Frankie Muniz’s Wife?

By age 21, she had abandoned the fashion profession to become a host of a golf network. After making a few cameo appearances in films and TV shows between 1983 and 2001, Price decided to retire from acting.

Everything To Know About Paige Price, Frankie Muniz's Wife

Do Frankie And Paige Have Any Kids Together?

In April 2016, Muniz and Price began dating, and by November 2018, they were engaged. He popped the question during the annual Lantern Fest in Casa Grande, Arizona. The renowned couple tied the knot on Valentine’s Day, 2020, and had a child the following year.

“Mauz Mosley Muniz, please greet the world,” Muniz said beside a photo of himself on Instagram. The whole course of events changed in an instant. Even though they knew it would, seeing my kid would surprise me in ways they never expected. 

Frankie And Paige Have Any Kids Together

Despite his young age, Mauz is often featured in his parents’ social media posts. And Mauz’s parents manage his own Instagram account. Whether or whether Muniz and Paige will have any more children is still unknown.

How Did Frankie And Paige First Connect?

The common interest in golf brought Price and Muniz together. This couple met for the first time during a party honoring Frank Sinatra’s centennial in February 2016.

The two began dating quickly and have been together ever since. They are never apart, and Paige is always at their side. They hadn’t been apart for more than 20 minutes in the last three years until she went to have her hair done a few days ago, “an ex-child star said in an interview.

They always have a great time together, even though my paranoia likely drives her crazy sometimes. It’s great to have someone you can spend a lot of time with and still want to hang out with. They never tire of one other’s company.

Price Has An Abundance Of Talent

Even though Muniz hasn’t been performing much lately, he has kept busy throughout the years.

In addition to his work as a race car driver and his stint on Dancing with the Stars, the former child actor spends much of his time falling more in love with his now-wife, Paige Price.

At age 18, she began a career as a model; although she previously posted many photos from shoots, as of late, her Instagram page has been dominated by photographs of her and Muniz.

  • Price, who sometimes boasts about her modeling ability, really followed a different career path with her now-husband in the past.
  • Currently, the couple runs an Outrageous Olive Oils & Vinegars specialty store. They were “inspired by the understanding of the need to eat healthier and cook with better goods,” as the store’s website puts it.
  • In addition to her employment at a model olive oil firm, Price now works as a writer.
  • Muniz told Us Weekly in 2017 that Price’s work was helpful because he struggled with long-term memory loss.

In 2017, Price And Muniz Began Dating

It is unclear if Muniz and Price started as friends before falling in love, but a throwback photo posted by the model in December 2017 hinted at a romantic connection between them.

In honor of the actor’s 32nd birthday, Price reflected on their first meeting: “This image is a flashback to the day they met, an hour before they both recognized that they would fall wildly in love with just one look across the room.”

Age 32 flatters you more than age 30 did. They have since showcased their adorable relationship several times on social media.

The happy pair even made their engagement Instagram announcement during the November 2018 Pinal Fairgrounds Lantern Fest in Casa Grande, Arizona.

To accompany a series of photos of the two of them, Price wrote, “When you’re a young girl, you daydream about marrying the person of your dreams.” “Everything from the way he asks to the clothes you’ll wear and the music you and your father will dance to is on your mind as you plan this extravagant event. It’s not uncommon to be taken aback by how much reality deviates from your assumptions.”

Muniz announced their engagement on Instagram and thanked Price for being “the love of my life” a few days after Price’s announcement.

Price & Muniz Recently Tied The Knot

The couple was married on October 3, 2019, eleven months after being engaged. Muniz and Price tied the knot in a beautiful Arizona wedding on February 21, 2020, four years after their first date.

“It was a fantastic day on February 21. From waking up others and jumping on the bed to energize ourselves to assist with the setup of the ceremony and reception sites by our wedding planner.

 Walking down the aisle with my best friend, closest family, and friends, every moment of the day was perfect. Recently, Muniz told People of his and his wife’s big day, “It was all very us.

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