Gerard Butler Is A Hero Pilot After Crash In-Plane Movie Trailer

Gerard Butler Is A Hero Pilot After Crashing In-Plane Movie Trailer!

A trailer for the new movie Plane has been released on 26th October and Gerard Butler is the lead actor in this film. According to the trailer, this is looking like the action-thriller film to be led by one of the more well-known stars acting in the genre.

Gerard Butler is one the popular veteran actors and he has played a major role in some blockbuster movies such as Den of Thieves and 300. The Plane movie story indicates that Butler returning to this familiar region.

Gerard Butler is playing the role of a pilot who pushes into a life-or-death scenario after crashing his plane.

Gerard Butler As A Hero Pilot After Crash In-Plane Movie Trailer!

Butler’s career has been well established with the support of some of his great acts in the Mike Banning films, which include Olympus Has Fallen which was released in the year 2013, as well as the sequels London Has Fallen.

Which was released in 2016 and Angel Has Fallen was released in 2019.

Gerard Butler

Butler is playing the role of Brodie Torrence in the movie Plane who is trying to protect his passengers from the robbers of the jungle after they crash-land in a remote area and that area is situated in the Philippines.

Mike Colter also plays the major role of Butler in this movie and has also played Luke cage in Netflix’s popular web series Jessica Jones. The trailer contains some pretty decent R-rated kills as well as there’s machine gun galore joint with brutal CQB action.

It is a completely action-packed film which is looking much better than his previous movie Last Seen Alive. There is no doubt in the trailer is creating a buzz for the movie. The Plane is going to be represented by the producers of the movie Greenland as well as Angel Has Fallen.

Gerard Butler is playing Brodie Torrance, who is a fearless pilot who was shifting a high-profile criminal across the transatlantic ocean when suddenly forced to land his flight in the mid of a jungle on a war-torn island.

But when cruel bullies’ rebels take the surviving crew as well as the passengers hostage so at that time Brodie has no other choice so he takes help from the accused murderer (Mike Colter is playing the role of the murderer) for a daring rescue mission.

The official trailer has been shared by the film’s officials, the Plane trailer indicates a lot of muscle for the upcoming film, as Gerard Butler, as well as Colter, forms an improbable union. Colter and Butler are required to track down the group of gangsters who took the travelers hostage.

After losing the surviving travelers to a kidnapping. The trailer is showing the stories of two men and how they both go along and manage all the difficulties with each other and the two men sharing stories as they go along and Colter is looking like the fugitive character in the movie.

The Plane Shares The Factors With Different Action Shots

The plane trailer promises a tense but it is not the unique or surprising addition to Butler’s thriller career. At first look, Plane seems to be the same as other Butler-directed movies of the latest years.

In which the focus was on a typical day in the life of a public official troubled by some emergencies. Some people also compare the movie with US Marshalls which was released in the year 1998.

Shared factors are not rare in Gerald Butler films. The first part of his Mike Banner series, Olympus Has Fallen, was launched around a similar time with another film whose name was White House Down, and a mysterious as e storyline was shared.

And Gerald Butler’s 2018 adventure action movie Den of Thieves shared various elements with Michael Mann’s movie Heat which was released in the year 1995.

Although, the public does not normally turn to Gerard Butler movies for originality. They come to act as well as to save the day. This can surely be expected from Plane, which is going to release in cinemas on January 27, 2023.

The director of the Plane movie is Jean François Richet, who earlier directed adrenaline-filled Assault on Precinct 13, with Lawrence Fishburne, and Ethan Hawke, as well as the French gangster classic action biography Public Enemy No.1.

As well as its sequel, both were the same star cast, Vincent Cassel. The screenplay has been written by J.P. Davis (The Contractor) as well as author Charles Cumming, who makes his feature movie writing debut by adapting his best-selling novel.

Apart from Butler and Goldwyn, the other star cast of Plane is Daniella Pineda (Jurassic World Dominion), Mike Colter (Evil), Yoson An (Mulan), Lilly Krug (Every Breath You Take), Haleigh Hekking (Action Royale), Joey Slotnick (The Blacklist), Oliver Trevena (While We Sleep).

Remi Adeleke (Transformers: The Last Knight), as well as newcomer Kelly Gale. Buttler has already disappointed the audience with his last movie Last Seen Alive. But it will be interesting to see how this movie will perform.

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