IMDb’s 10 most popular Indian web series of 2022

Are you a big movie buff who visits a cinema hall every two weeks, or someone who binge watches shows on OTT platforms on a regular basis? Then you must have heard about IMDb. Well, IMDb is an abbreviation of ‘Internet Movie Database’. It is a website that provides information regarding a film or a show in detail. From cast to music, to reviews, you can find everything regarding a certain film or a show on IMDb.

It also has a list of the most popular web series and films region-wise. The user ratings that achieved a rating of 7 or more between January 1, 2022, to June 30, 2022, have been finalised as the top series for the year 2022. So what are we waiting for? Let’s grab our popcorn and dive into the list of the most popular Indian web series of 2022 so far.

Here’s the list of the most popular Indian web series as per IMDb:



‘Campus Diaries’ is a web series that involves a college drama about six friends who go through the journey of friendship, love, exams and the different ups and downs faced during college.


The Hindi-language crime mystery drama show revolves around a no-trust theme which holds the audience till the end.


The story is built on the life of two extraordinary men, Homi Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai, who brought new light to the field of science in India. It is not so popular but a must-watch series that has wonderful cinematography skills portrayed in the movie.


The series based on the rural lifestyle has also marked its presence just the way it was a hit in season 1.

5. ‘HUMAN’

The ‘Human’ series plots around the dark side of the drug-testing industry. It is based on the medical scams by pharmaceutical companies. The series revolves around the large private and government hospitals that practice inhuman trials for new drugs.


It is another web series based on a murder mystery with amazing dialogue. The show doesn’t circle around the same plot. The small town attribute in it has a 90s flavour.

7. ‘APHARAN 2’

The new season contains suspense, mystery, action, and thrill, which keeps it quite interesting. A team of people goes on an undercover mission featuring Arundoy Roy to catch criminals in a next-level detective style chase.


The show is about the careers of six social media influencers who are competing for fame and money. It shows the human obsession with likes, shares and comments on social media.

9. ‘MAI’

The series shows the power of a mother who leaves no stone unturned to find the reason behind her daughter’s death. Sakshi Tanwar’s outstanding performance can’t be overlooked on screen.


The series is on the celebrity lifestyle and has drama, love affairs, financial issues, and problems that take place in one’s childhood.

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