Josh Duhamel Halloween Costume Contest With Wife Audra!

Josh Duhamel Halloween Costume Contest With Wife Audra!

The annual Casamigos Halloween party is being organized in Beverly Hills this weekend. This party was able to welcome the most celebrities with the weirdest outlook. But the LimeLight of the event was captured by none other than Josh Duhamel and his new wife, Audra Mari.

They both got married recently, and this Halloween party was probably the first public event they attended as a couple after marriage. 


Josh Duhamel Halloween Costume Contest With His Wife Audra In Anna Nicole Smith And J. Howard!

At the Halloween party, the couple could beautifully represent the 20-year-old age cap between each other. Josh played the role of J. Howard, a famous tycoon in the oil industry, at the Halloween party.

Josh Duhamel Halloween Costume Contest With His Wife Audra In Anna Nicole Smith And J. Howard!

At the same time, his wife portrayed herself as Anna with a beautiful blond wig. She wore a beautiful black dress. The couple had recently gotten married in September following their engagement in January. 

They both looked quite impressive together and could grab the media’s attention. Apart from the many other couples were also dressed according to the party’s theme. This list included Meghan and Kelly, who decided to become Pamela and Tommy Lee.

Not only this but also the famous actor Paris Hilton went to the party dressed as Sailor Moon, while his girlfriend dressed as Kaia Gerber. 

Josh Duhamel: Which Characters Did They Represent? 

Josh’s wife depicted herself as Anna Nicole. She was known for her brilliant performance in Playboy. She was also in the headlines after her controversial marriage at 24 with a billionaire who was probably 54 years old.

This billionaire was none other than the oil tycoon referred to above. But Martial died only 14 months after the marriage. This did not simplify their problems with Anna because his wealth became a bone of contention. 

Anna did not find herself in Marshall’s will, developed to distribute his 1.6 billion dollars. Anna was probably reduced to nothing after the end of the legal battle, and everything was able to affect her so severely.

That she could not sustain herself in the absence of any finances and financial security. She finally died. Her funeral was also very traumatizing. This was because nobody from her husband’s family attended the same over time. 

Since this controversy, the couple has been recognized for their huge age gap and how this age gap was able to lead to the closure of their lives. They had been in the headlines for a very long time.

In fact, after this incident, every incidence of high-profile marriage wherein an age gap exists is looked down upon with the same amount of uncertainty and doubt. 

Josh Duhamel: Halloween Party

This Halloween party was also about dressing like any star known not for his roles in movies but for his controversies. Josh and his wife have also tied the knot with a sustaining 20 years age gap. They found the facts of Marshall’s and Anna’s marriage very related and connected to them. 

That is why they decided to portray this couple over time. All they wanted was to Grab the attention of the media to the maximum possible extent. They were even successful to some extent.

Many people even started speculating that just like Marshall and Anna, Josh and his wife might have also married to extract monetary advantages from each other instead of genuine feelings.

Josh Duhamel Halloween Costume Contest Different Themes

The type and variety of costumes in this Halloween party continued. Every superstar attempted to dress in the best possible way. Apart from Josh and his wife, Paris Hilton was also able to attract the media after showing off her animated dress.

It was probably similar to what is generally worn by Sailor Moon. This was followed by the costume of Terrina Chrishell Stause, a leading actress in the famous movie “Selling Sun. She wore a skeleton-based costume.

Terrina Chrishell Stause was accompanied by her co-star Anderson who was probably acting as the ghost of The Conjuring. The party was excited to attract the controversial costumes; some were even hilarious to witness.

But the center of attraction was Josh and his wife. It was because the characters they represented were not only dead but also very controversial. The costume designers had to be very particular in designing the costumes to represent the personalities they represented. 


This party was amazing and unique in terms of the variety it was able to introduce to the media. Almost all of the celebrities had taken up the character of one or the other in a terrific and terrible manner to match the theme of Halloween.

This party was one of the most successful Halloween parties ever organized in Beverly Hills.

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