NBA YoungBoy Makes A Official Deal With Motown Label

NBA YoungBoy Makes A Official Deal With Motown Label!

The new record label that will serve as NBA YoungBoy’s home team was unveiled today (October 24). The rapper, who is 23 years old, has officially signed a deal with Motown Records.

While the specifics of the contract have not been made public just yet, insiders tell Variety that the “signing was very competitive.”

NBA YoungBoy Signs A Record Deal With Motown!

In 2023, YoungBoy will initiate the release of musical material via the label that Universal Music Group owns. The album “The Last Slimeto” was released in August and marked the end of the rapper’s time with his previous record label, Atlantic Records. 

YoungBoy, born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has been signed to Atlantic Records since 2017. Soon after, he dropped four more albums, the most recent of which is expected to dethrone Bad Bunny atop the Billboard 200 chart upon its initial release.

NBA YoungBoy Signs A Record Deal With Motown

NBA has released a number of mixtapes, one of which, titled “Colors,” caused a public conflict between the rapper and his record company when it was taken down from streaming services.

In response, YoungBoy’s legion of devoted fans started a petition calling for his immediate release from his contract and the return of all master recording rights.

“Ma’ I Got A Family” is a mixtape that was just released by the rapper known as “Makes No Sense.” It consisted of 19 tracks and was produced in partnership with DJ Drama as part of Gangsta Grillz.

The new album comprises 19 tracks, including two collaborations with artists like Nicki Minaj and Yeat. 

Besides his albums, YoungBoy has been featured in several recently released ways, including “To the Bone” by Quavo and Takeoff, “Flags to The Sky” by NoCap, and several other songs.

According to a report, at the beginning of this month, the rapper, born and raised in Baton Rouge, is trying to compose an album exclusively with other musicians from his hometown.

NBA After signing a contract with Motown Records, YoungBoy has a new place to call home in the world of music. According to Billboard, the superstar from Baton Rouge has left Atlantic Records, where he had previously recorded four studio albums, to sign with Motown. 

NBA YoungBoy

Because YB’s Never Broke Again collective is housed there for releases as part of a global joint venture contract that was signed last year, there was already a familiarity with Motown, which is part of the Universal Music Group umbrella.

The Never Broke Again collective has already distributed two albums through Motown, and on Friday (October 28), they plan to disseminate the third album under that label titled Nightmare on 38th Street.

When NBA YoungBoy finally releases songs under the Motown label in 2023, his shift to the brand will be considered official. 

Because he already has four releases in the top 10 on the Billboard 200, he will likely continue to flood the streets throughout the Atlantic for the time being. This will make him the most successful musician of 2022.

The details of the arrangement have reportedly not been made public, but Variety reports that the competitive bidding process was described as such. 

Earlier this year, YoungBoy gave hints that he was planning to sign a deal with Birdman’s Cash Money Records that would pay him $60 million. However, it appears that this arrangement has fallen through.

The week before last, NBA YoungBoy returned with his Ma’ I Got A Family mixtape, which was produced in collaboration with DJ Drama and featured contributions from Nicki Minaj and Yeat.

If the project successfully reaches the Billboard 200, as it is widely anticipated, he will go ahead of JAY-Z on the list of musicians with the most entries on the Billboard 200 charts. YoungBoy and Hov are presently tied for first place with 25 entries each.

The young man, only 23 years old, does not appear to be planning to slow down anytime soon, as he has promised his admirers that they would have access to 10 projects before the year 2022 passes.

NBA Since 2017, YoungBoy has unquestionably been one of the most successful musicians working in the industry.

Since then, he has maintained an exceptionally steady schedule for the release of singles and projects, as seen by the fact that he has issued at least two albums or mixtapes per year. 

In the year 2022, YoungBoy has already distributed a total of six singles. This includes his mixtape with DJ Drama, “Ma; I Got A Family,” which was released approximately one week ago. This also had projects done in partnership with Nicki Minaj and Yeat.

Now, Youngboy’s momentum is still going strong and flowing forward. Billboard has reported that he has agreed to terms with Motown Records.

This comes after it was widely reported that he had just settled on remaining with Atlantic Records in exchange for a contract for sixty million dollars. According to recent reports, the Motown deal won’t become official until 2023. 

He and his Never Broke Again record label will release this new compilation mixtape this coming Friday. This is an excerpt from the play “Nightmare on 38th Street.” YoungBoy, now 23 years old, became a father for the tenth time a month ago when his child was born.

Additionally, this is his second child and the first one he has had with his current partner, Jazlyn Mychelle.

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