Netflix launches a new Category Hub for TV viewers with Top 3 categories

Netflix has released a new Category hub for viewers of the service on TV. In a blog post published on April 21, 2022, Netflix says that “we’re rolling out a new Category Hub in the TV menu so our members around the world can easily find their favourite genres and discover new categories of films, series and specials, all in one place.” This hub is located in the left-hand menu on both adult and kids’ Netflix profiles.  

Netflix releases new Category hub for viewers

The new Category Hub will also showcase the top 3 categories based on users’ preferences. The new hub will also contain curated collections to highlight holidays like Internal Women’s Day or Earth Day. In the screenshot shared by Netflix, one can also see other categories like Children & family, Horror and Documentaries. The content streaming platform wants users to think of the new Caterogry Hub for TV as a more lively version of the old hub.

In concluding the blog post, Netflix says that “we’re always looking to improve the member experience. We hope this new feature will make it easier to find your most beloved categories and explore new genres when you’re craving some adventure.” The feature does in fact look very useful and might help viewers in discovering new content, shows or movies on Netflix. 

Most recently, Netflix announced a new double-thumbs up rating system. Going forward, viewers will be able to express their thoughts about a show or movie on Netflix with the help of three options – thumbs-up, thumbs-down and the new double-thumbs up rating system. Up until now, Netflix had a single like or dislike button using which people can provide feedback. If users like the content they are watching, they can give it a thumbs up.

On the other hand, if they do not like the plot or characters or any other thing about the series or movie they are watching, they could give it a thumbs down. However, users should consider the new double thumbs-up rating as something that will help fine-tune their Netflix recommendations. The feature should be available for both Android and iOS users by now. 

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