Netflix Plans 'Squid Game' Reality Show With A Cash Prize Of $4.56 Million

Netflix Plans ‘Squid Game’ Reality Show With A Cash Prize Of $4.56 Million

After greenlighting “its greatest reality competition ever,” “Squid Game: The Challenge,” Netflix Inc’s most-watched series is no longer merely a pretend television show.

Unlike the show, where the stakes are life and death, the worst conceivable outcome in this 456-player tournament is not winning the $4.56 million grand prize, which Netflix claims is the highest lump sum payment in reality television history.

Netflix Plans 'Squid Game' Reality Show With A Cash Prize Of $4.56 Million

‘Squid Game,’ which premiered in September 2021 and became Netflix’s most-watched series, recounted the story of cash-strapped individuals who reenact childhood events for a chance to win life-changing sums of money.

According to Netflix, the 10-episode reality competition will have games inspired by the original show as well as new elements.

MrBeast, one of YouTube’s most successful American producers, reproduced parts of the South Korean drama’s set and hosted games like “Red Light, Green Light.”

The YouTuber also bypassed the killing step in favor of fastening a device on each of the 456 players that resembled a gunshot when they were eliminated.

Netflix’s reality show, which will be filmed in the United Kingdom, is presently casting only English speaking. The news comes only days after the scripted series was given a second season renewal.

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