Netflix The Lincoln Lawyer Added Chicago Med Vet In Season 2!

Netflix The Lincoln Lawyer Added Chicago Med Vet In Season 2!

One of the recent updates of the most famous show on Netflix, the Lincoln lawyer, has received some negative reviews from the audience. But despite that, the makers of the web show are preparing themselves for the next season.

The second season of this not-so-happening legal drama is expected to release on Netflix by the end of 2023.


Netflix Lincoln Lawyer Has Added A Chicago Med Vet In Season 2!

According to the sources, the second season would be able to witness the addition of a Chicago Med Vet to the cast. Additional members, such as Yaya DaCosta, will also play a prominent role in the upcoming season. 

Netflix Lincoln Lawyer Has Added A Chicago Med Vet In Season 2!

She would be playing the role of prosecutor. This prosecutive would be not only the Rival of Mickey but also the ex-wife of Manuel, who is none other than Maggie’s friend. It will be able to develop a tough, complicated scenario between all of these three people.

The addition of DaCosta is probably in light of the entity made by Chicago med. She has already been in the position to impress the audience through her fantastic acting in web shows like April Sexton.

Apart from these two actors, another excellent star, Angela Vaughn, will also be joining the show. She has been seen in famous movies like The lovely guys and peel. The audience is excited to see Angela working as a Lincoln lawyer.

It is hoped that the change in the star cast will draw at least the attention of some audiences this time. 

Details Of The Show

The details concerning the number of episodes in the upcoming Netflix season and the allocation of the episodes among the new actors have yet to be decided. According to sources, it is expected that, Unlike the first season, the next season will be divided into 10 episodes. 

Since the next season would be based primarily upon the roles played by the new actors, it is right to expect their presence in almost all the episodes in one way or another. The exact details have yet to be disclosed at the instance of the production department of the show.

But all of the information would be available anytime soon. This makes the show much more interesting than the previous season. The exact date for season 2 in 2023 has also yet to be decided.

But it would only be in the second half that the show would be released. This is because, according to the recent interview with DaCosta, she is expected to complete the Once Upon a Time shooting by June 2023.

Only after this movie’s completion would she be in a better position to join the star cast of The Lincoln Lawyer. She is also working on the upcoming season of Chicago Med. It will be amazing to watch the talent of this multidimensional personality.

That would be able to present a unique element in almost all the roles that she is executing for the time being. 

What Are The Plans Of The Director? 

The inability of the plot and the storyline of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 have moved the directors to introduce changes in the story of the web show in the upcoming Netflix season. That is why the directors have been able to pitch new faces into the second season.

To introduce much more drama, twists, and turns. It needs to be more precisely clarified what the new aspect of the Netflix show would be diametrically opposite to what a person might have guessed after watching the first season.

The new actors would be in the position to bring not only their name and fame but at the same point in time would be able to make the story much more enjoyable. This is going to be the best season of this web show so far.

All inside information has yet to be shown by any member of the production department so far. Even the new actors need to learn more about the expected character that they will be playing. The upcoming plot can be imagined only with the help of a wild guess.

But this upcoming plot would exceed the audience’s expectations because it would be recreated with the help of Yaya DaCosta delicacy. This is going to be a new aspect of season 2 which will likely be liked by almost everyone who has watched season 1.


The directors might not continue with the web show if they fail to give even a successful season 2. The new cast is expected to experiment to increase the TRP of the show. The outcome cannot be imagined for the time being.

This is one of the most important concepts that must be considered at any cost. It is only with the help of this perspective that a better approach could be decided to define new things.

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