Netizens call Shah Rukh Khan 'adorable' as he dances to Pav Dharia's song Na Ja in never-before-seen video

Netizens call Shah Rukh Khan ‘adorable’ as he dances to Pav Dharia’s song Na Ja in never-before-seen video

Shah Rukh Khan has been absent from the big screen for a while, so his fans appreciate his infrequent appearances. In the most recent case, a video showing the actor shaking his leg to a Punjabi song surfaced online and quickly became popular with fans. Fans praised Shah Rukh’s dancing skills in the video and found her adorable.

On Friday, a fan page posted an undated video of Shah Rukh dancing passionately to Pav Dharia’s hit song Na Ja (2017). Shah Rukh, who was wearing a black T-shirt, even created some of the song’s hook dance moves while matching them to the lyrics. Shah Rukh used gestures to prepare chapatis and displayed “nakhra” (angers) while dancing to the Punjabi song. When and where the video was shot are unknown.

Fans of the superstar showered love on the video and were happy to see the actor enjoying himself. One tweeted: “This is lovely…is this dance for a movie or just Shah Rukh having fun??” Another said: “He is so graceful and cute dancing. Even so, his movements are perfect. I love seeing him so happy, at ease and free to be himself. A third wrote: “Brightens up even during the most stressful times. This is King’s power. Several called the video “adorable” and “lovely”.

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