Ranbir apologises for Comments about Alia's Weight f

Ranbir apologizes for comments about Alia’s weight

Ranbir Kapoor has issued an apology for his comments about Alia Bhatt’s weight gain during pregnancy.

He made the comment during a YouTube Live session as part of brahmastra specials.

The session included Alia and the film’s director Ayan Mukerji.

During the session, the stars explained why they weren’t promoting brahmastra as they usually do for other movies.

Alia explained, “We will (promote the film extensively). If you ask why we are not phailod (spread) everywhere…right now our goal is…”

Her husband interrupted her and said, “Well, I see someone has phailod.”

Ranbir also looked at her belly, shocking Alia.

Ranbir immediately told her it was a joke and although Alia didn’t take the comment to heart, social media users were angry.

Many have called Ranbir callous for poking fun at his wife’s weight gain.

It also led to social media users pointing out Ranbir’s behavior with her co-stars, accusing her of being toxic.

Numerous videos of him interrupting Katrina Kaif in interviews have been shared.

An interview in which Ranbir publicly opened up about Anushka Sharma’s battles with anxiety and called her the “queen of anxiety” has also surfaced.

The wave of criticism has now led Ranbir to issue an apology.

Ranbir was in Chennai to promote brahmastra when asked about the “phailod” comment he made towards Alia.

He apologized to those who were offended. Ranbir also revealed that he told Alia about it later and she laughed it off.

He said: “First, I love my wife with everything I have in my life.

“It’s a joke that didn’t turn out to be funny. It was not my intention. I told Alia about it later and she laughed it off.

“My sense of humor sometimes falls flat on my face. I apologize to those who were offended by this.”

The apology received a mixed response. While some said it was necessary, others felt he had no reason to apologize.

One person wrote: “Honestly he has absolutely no reason to apologize.

“It was a joke that people know, but just because they want to target it, it was taken out of proportion.

“He still apologized showing his down to earth and humble self. We love Ranbir Kapoor.

Another said: He needed to apologise.

“That was a bad taste ‘joke’. You’re not joking about the changes and discomfort your wife’s body goes through every day!

“To be a real man is to treat her like a queen in thought, word and deed for the miracle she offers him. It’s time to grow up.

brahmastra marks the first time Ranbir and Alia have been on screen together and it will be released on September 9, 2022.

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