Rhea Chakraborty danced with Inmates on Last Day in Jail f

Rhea Chakraborty danced with inmates on her last day in jail

It was revealed that on her last day at Byculla Prison, Rhea Chakraborty danced with her fellow inmates.

Human rights lawyer Sudha Bharadwaj spent three years in Byculla prison in Mumbai before being released in December 2021.

While in jail, Sudha saw Rhea, who was in jail for supplying drugs to her boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput.

Rhea spent almost a month in prison after being arrested in September 2020.

Sudha explained that although Rhea received a lot of criticism, she didn’t let it affect her, revealing that she was incredibly friendly with the other inmates and even danced with them on her last day. .

Sudha said, “The Sushant Singh Rajput thing kept coming through the media like it was crazy.

“At that time, we used to say that Rhea had become a scapegoat. We were very upset about that.

“So I was very happy that she wasn’t taken to the main barracks; she was kept in the special cell.

“I think she was kept there so she wouldn’t see the TV because people would keep that TV on. All the time hearing about your case would have been too upsetting for her.

Continuing to talk about Rhea, Sudha said:

“I have to say for someone who was thrown into a situation like that… for her as a youngster, she took it very sportingly.

“And she was so friendly with people. She was so nice with the kids.

“The first day (they met her), everyone was like ‘where is Rhea?’

“You know how people are. But she would never make much of it.

“And when she left, she had money left in her account, so for all the barracks, she asked for sweets, and everyone came downstairs to say goodbye.

“Then everyone said, ‘Rhea, a dance, a dance’. And she actually obliged. So sweet. She danced with them (the inmates).

According to Sudha, Rhea Chakraborty had said that although everyone thinks people in prison are bad, she knew that many of her inmates were on trial and it had not been proven whether they were guilty or not.

Sudha remembered Rhea saying that she would bring home all the memories of spending time with the inmates.

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