Rihanna Releases 'Lift Me Up' For Black Panther 2!

Rihanna Releases ‘Lift Me Up’ For Black Panther 2!

Rihanna is probably one of the most talented and amazing singers who has gained a huge amount of population with the help of hard work and talent. In one of the recent updates, she is all set to get back to music.

The wait is finally over for Rihanna lovers. She is ready to launch her latest album titled black Panther. This is officially the second volume of this album. She has recorded her first song as a lead artist in a total of 6 years.


Rihanna Drops ‘Lift Me Up’ Music Video For Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!

The song Lift Me Up, is An amazing song that has not only been sung but also written by Rihanna. She has collaborated with famous songwriters, namely Tems and Ludwig, to decide the song’s musical composition.

Rihanna Drops 'Lift Me Up' Music Video For Black Panther Wakanda Forever!

In a recent interview, Rihanna revealed that this song is very special because it is a tribute to the legendary life of the famous star Chadwick Boseman. He was a very integral part of the black panther series.

But it was in 2020 that he died due to covid 19. His death has been able to shake the industry as a whole. According to Rihanna, it is very hard to believe that he is no longer part of the series. It is only in his respect that this song is being released.

Release Of The Lift Me Up Song

This song has already been released on Friday. It has been beautifully composed. The lyrics are amazing, and at the same time, the background music has been developed with the help of pianos, strings, and harps.

Rihanna has been able to use the best vocals and modulations to record the song. Rihanna is known typically for her sexy and pop-up banging style. The song has been made in the same dialects. 

It is a treat to the ears. The acoustics of the song has been successfully able to impress the audience. The songwriters and the singers, including the music composer, wanted to deliver a  very composed and warm feeling through the song.

They successfully incorporated the same feeling. It has been liked by many people on platforms such as YouTube and Twitter. The number of likes is increasing at an exponential rate. 

What Was The Intention Behind The Song? 

The director of black Panther, namely Ryan Coogler Wanted to develop a song that can be attributed to All those people they have lost in their life. The song depicts the pain and the need to embrace relationships in life.

Ryan Coogler believes songs are another perfect way to express your feelings, especially when you are at a loss for words. The song is so subtle and heart-touching that anybody who listens to the song would be in the position to sing the same for those who are no longer with him.

It is a perfect way to tell people how much you miss them. Disclosures are very important in a relationship before it is too late to express your feelings. The lyrics of the song try to amaze people to a great extent.

According to the directors, Rihanna was the perfect singer for these songs. It’s enough for them to have Rihanna on board. The intention behind the song and the melodious voice of Rihanna has been able to result in the success of the song in just less than 24 hours.

This song for Black Panther is all about emotions and recovery from the personal loss that a person experiences in his life.

Premier Of The Soundtrack

Rihanna will be appearing at the premiere of the first soundtrack of the movie, which is scheduled to be held in the coming week. This will be the first song that will be released, and the next song has also been lined up.

Born Again will be the next Big release after lifting me up. Rihanna has been able to embody the concept of the song thematically. The approach she has used so far is exactly what the directors wanted from her.

Rihanna has played an essential role in imbibing feelings and emotions throughout. It is important to understand that no one could do that better than Rihana, and this fact has been acknowledged by almost every creative member of the movie.

Rihanna was always the first choice for these emotional songs. What was more important for them was to focus on the motherly intent to sing the song and not the intention to make a profit. If this song succeeds, it will again be on the top of the Billboard charts.

This would be an addition to what Rihanna has already achieved in her life so far. 


It can be concluded that all of the factors must be taken into Accord before a judgment and a review of a song is drawn. The song is actually very amazing and beautiful. It has actually boosted the level of music.

This is actually going to be the best achievement of Rihanna’s life so far. She is practically given the best comeback.

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