Shah Rukh Khan Apologised" For Being Late To Ad Shoot

Shah Rukh Khan Apologised” For Being Late To Ad Shoot – Post By The Cinematographer

It is obvious that Shah Rukh Khan has the charismatic quality required to hold an audience’s attention.

In a post on Tuesday that featured a selfie of the two of them, director of photography Lawrence Dcunha mentioned how modest Shah Rukh Khan was and how it was never boring working with him.

In a lengthy Instagram post about working with him on a commercial shoot, Dcunha called SRK “such a gentleman.”

Shah Rukh Khan Apologised" For Being Late To Ad Shoot

Dcunha tweeted that SRK was running late for the commercial shoot since he had worked all night on his upcoming film. He did, however, “sweetly apologise for the delay.”

Dcunha admitted, “I shot my first commercial with King Khan. He filmed his upcoming movie all night, but he still fell a little short of schedule and apologised profusely.

He was extremely kind and professional, but he also made wonderful comments that the cast enjoyed hearing. He sat there and asked if I could keep doing my lighting while he practised his lines because we didn’t have a stand in for him.

He used their names to address everyone of his technicians and staff members, which honestly amazed me. When he was on set, there was never a dull moment.
He added hashtags like “He shook hands with everyone” after the session was finally over.

In his letter, he used the expressions “fan boy moment,” “I enjoy my job,” and “photo of the day.” He remained right up until the very end and even posed for pictures with everyone. Unquestionably a gentleman!

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