Sonam revealed details about his brother's sex life, leaving Arjun outraged

Sonam revealed details about his brother’s sex life, leaving Arjun outraged

Lovely cousins ​​Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Arjun Kapoor are greeted by Hotstar’s Koffee With Karan as they take over the couch with their touching stories of growing up. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, who is expecting her first child, is an outspoken mom-to-be doing what she’s always done best: stir the pots of heated discussions while looking gorgeous.

A couch potato veteran and the one name that’s on every celebrity’s call list to shout “Hey, Karan – it’s me!”, Arjun Kapoor brings his suave naturalness to this season. When Sonam Kapoor Ahuja reveals his brother’s ‘love life’ with a bombshell statement and several more in tow, it’s no wonder Arjun Kapoor is seen saying miserably, ‘Why do I feel like to have been called on the show to be trolled by Sonam!”

The highlight of the new “trolling” section was when Sonam Kapoor Ahuja asked Arjun Kapoor what was his least favorite thing about him. He said: “You don’t wait for someone else to give you a compliment, you just give yourself a compliment. Don’t I look well? Don’t I look gorgeous in this dress? I am wonderful. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s savage response to this will definitely make you ROFL as she said “It comes from being Anil Kapoor’s daughter.”

When host Karan Johar asks Sonam Kapoor “is the man of the moment?”, Sonam can be heard replying “Ranbir (Kapoor) is the best”. She then goes on to say, “…because I see him everywhere, he’s promoting Ayan’s (Mukerji) movie.” Karan then questions Sonam, “…who is?” and the Neerja star responds by saying, “Shiva… number 1.”

Hearing Sonam’s answer, Karan starts laughing and Arjun is heard saying “you are the best ya Sonam” as he covers his face smiling.

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