Taylor Swift “Midnights” Passes The Million Units In The U.S!

Taylor Swift “Midnights” Passes The Million Units In The U.S!

Taylor Swift is every teenage girl’s icon. She has released such amazing songs over the year that everyone has connected with. Although every song released by the pop star has gained global recognition, what’s so special about Midnights?

Taylor Swift “Midnights” Has Set A New Standard Of Music For The Digital Industry!

This latest album by Taylor Swift, Midnights is loved by everyone! After five years, the iconic star has hit the million-year mark. Before that, Taylor achieved the milestone in 2017 with her album “Reputation” What’s even more surprising is that she did it within three days!

Taylor Swift “Midnights” Has Set A New Standard Of Music For The Digital Industry!

Just three days after its release, Midnights set a ground-breaking record. According to Luminate, the album sold 1.2 million units over the weekend. Approximately 500 LP copies were distributed and around 955,000 copies were sold in Vinyl, Cassette, CD, and digital formats.

According to the early reports, Midnights registered the biggest sales for vinyl records. In this era where digitalization is preferred, vinyl saw a comeback, thanks to Taylor Swift. Luminate has given us more sales figures for the new album release.

The first three days after the launch observed that there was a demand for over 284 million streaming, both videos, and audio. Since Luminate decides what would be the top Billboard hits, it was observed that the album had already set high-water marks.

Luminate believes that the album will surpass all the records in the coming week. Taylor’s other recent albums haven’t seen the kind of response after Reputation but not with Midnights. Nowadays, vinyl records aren’t released easily and fans have to wait a long time.

Before they can get their hands on one of the records. But with Taylor Swift’s new album, there was a lot of time on hand and people could easily get their vinyl records online or at offline stores.

There are so many Taylor Swift fans around the globe. This was proven as fans rushed to the stores to purchase several editions of Midnights. Out of them, four had unique artwork and color variants.

There was a unique Target edition that resembled the art but had a separate color print. You can also find CDs with four interior artwork and cover options. Some Taylor Swift fans are also adding cassette editions to their shopping baskets! Although the cassette had one cover only.

Some people believed that the latest album has garnered this strength due to hoarding and collectability. But Billboard has a different story altogether. It shows a record of 284 million streams within the first three days.

This turned Midnights into the 3rd biggest streaming hit of 2022. The first position is currently dominated by Bad Bunny with approximately 356 million hits in its debut week. Although there are only four days left to finalize the chart for 2022.

Billboard says that Midnights stand a fair shot at crossing Bad Bunny’s mark. This is if the momentum keeps flowing. The album has become a roaring hit around the world. Be it the USA, China, or India; Taylor Swift has left her impression on everyone’s hearts.

Once the 2022 Billboard chart is finalized, Midnight official results will have to wait. Next Sunday, the results would be announced. Although we have seen such an amazing response, the time will fly easily.

3 hours after Taylor swift released this 13-song album, the pop singer also introduced the world to her “3 am” album. This is a 20-song deluxe edition album that is streaming simultaneously. Its performance hasn’t been affected by Midnights and the billboard performance is amazing!

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