The Daily Show Next Host! Stephen Colbert Pitches Three Ideas!

The Daily Show Next Host! Stephen Colbert Pitches Three Ideas!

The daily show is one of the two most popular shows that many audiences love. This is one of the most famous comedy shows responsible for the entertainment of many people. But recently, this show has gotten into the headlines.

It happened just after Stephen Colbert, the host of the late show, announced his intention to look for a replacement for Trevor Noah, the present host of the daily show. 


The Daily Show Next Host, Stephen Colbert Pitches Three Ideas For Trevor Noah Replacement

Stephen Colbert appeared on the daily show this Thursday and was asked by many of the audience about his views on the departure of Noah from the show. He was, as usual, in his casual self.

The Daily Show Next Host, Stephen Colbert Pitches Three Ideas For Trevor Noah Replacement

Stephen Colbert answered, stating that he had already started searching for a replacement for Noah. He needed to look for a replacement as soon as possible so that the show was not affected even for a single day after his exit. 

What Are The Suggestions On Stephen Colbert Part?

Trevor Noah has been the show host for a considerable period now. Not only has he gained the experience to host the show, but also the public’s confidence. He has been accepted as a public figure for his hospitality and a good sense of humor.

The TRP of the show exponentially increased after Noah took over. In light of the facts that have been explained above, it is important to find someone as talented as Noah, even competent, to leave the same impression on the audience that Noah was able to leave.

It is not an easy decision and will require a lot of time, but this is the right time to begin. Stephen wants to look for a person who is as confident as Noah. The personality of the candidate must be able to impress the audience, and by any stretch of the imagination.

The TRP of the show must not go down. The decision is going to be a huge one. This show has maintained its reputation since 2015. It is expected that the new correspondent and the host will be able to discharge their duties properly. 

Stephen Colbert Suggestions

For the time being, Stephen Colbert has got around three suggestions that can act as a suitable replacement for Noah. The first name on his mind is that of Roy Wood. He is also a famous correspondent who has been associated with the daily show since the beginning.

Stephen Colbert Suggestions

Roy Wood is recognized for his sense of humor and an amazing personality to impress the audience. He has continuously developed content for the web show, and all of this content has helped entertain the audience. He is competent enough to act as a replacement for Noah. 

The next suggestion includes the name, Jessica William. She is great at comedy and has been able to entertain a lot of people over the entire span of her career. Jessica William was the one who introduced the concept of Stand up comedy.

Recently, Jessica William was a part of the famous Harry Potter series. Her role in the series was acknowledged and even applauded. But it is very unlikely that she would become the replacement for Noah.

Jessica William’s earnings have increased, and the show’s budget might not be enough to afford her fees. The chances that Jessica William will turn up are very less for the time being. The third name on the list is Amber Ruffins.

Amber Ruffins is also a famous comedian who has gained a lot of popularity in a very short period with the help of her hard work and talent. She hosted the famous entertainment show titled The Amber Ruffin Show. 

This show has been streaming on peacock and NBC since the year 2020 and was doing very well. Stephen Colbert wants to pitch her for acting as a replacement for Noah. It is essential for boosting the TRP of the show in the long run.

If Amber Ruffins comes up, she will bring a lot to the show in terms of content, which would increase the revenue that the producers earn for the time being. According to some sources, a meeting has also been arranged between the two concerning this discussion.

Most people are excited to witness the change that will come in the show. It will be interesting to watch if it acts to the detriment of the show’s disadvantage. It is also important to mention that the show will also focus on content delivery when the replacement is underway. 


The productivity of The Daily Show and its ability to entertain people has always been able to bring the best. This is one of the most important aspects which must be taken into conservation at every point in time.

It is only with the help of collective efforts that the loss of Noah would be compensated with someone who is definitely better at this.

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