Top Gun: Maverick beats Spiderman for record tenth week box office in India

With the film now in its eleventh week of run in India, Top Gun: Maverick continues to soar at the Indian box office. In its tenth week, Tom Cruise’s blockbuster sequel grossed Rs. 60.48 lakhs, jumping 13 per cent from the ninth week. The film took the record for the biggest tenth week for a Hollywood movie in India beating Spider-man: No Way Home. The weekly records this far in the run are rare to set but this is the second time we are seeing the same record being renewed this year, with No Way Home doing it earlier in February this year.


The total box office collections of Top Gun: Maverick in India in the ten-week run are Rs. 46.75 crores ($6 million). The holds have been really strong, with the last four weeks collecting similar numbers. The drop from the seventh week to the tenth week is less than 10 per cent. The way the film is holding, there is a good chance of reaching Rs. 50 crores gross box office collection. Now, this isn’t really a big number for a film in India, but for a film not coming from a popular franchise on top of rock-steady trending, this is very impressive.


The week-wise box office collections of Top Gun: Maverick at the Indian box office are as follows:


Week 0 – Rs. 3.45 crores

Week 1 – Rs. 21.85 crores

Week 2 – Rs. 8.35 crores

Week 3 – Rs. 4.05 crores

Week 4 – Rs. 3.25 crores

Week 5 – Rs. 2.05 crores

Week 6 – Rs. 1.35 crores

Week 7 – Rs. 0.65 crores

Week 8 – Rs. 0.60 crores

Week 9 – Rs. 0.55 crores

Week 10 – Rs. 0.60 crores


Total – Rs. 46.75 crores


India isn’t the only place where this film is showing box office staying power. Top Gun: Maverick has grossed $1.33 billion globally so far, with $656 million coming from North America. The film is expected to cross $700 million in North America and worldwide number close to $1.45 billion.


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