Vijay starrer Beast Second week box office; Drops on Thursday after low but steady weekdays

Beast plummeted 90 per cent from its nine-day extended first week at the Indian box office, grossing Rs. 15.50 crores approx in its second week. The Vijay starrer two weeks running total stands at Rs. 165 crores. The mixed to negative audience reception on top of competition from KGF 2 was just too much for the movie to recover from as it couldn’t get going after its opening weekend. 

The collections on weekdays in the second week were steady at low levels till Wednesday, which gave hope for a final closer to Rs. 125 crores in Tamil Nadu but the release of Kaathu Vaakkula Rendu Kaathal yesterday saw a big drop in screenings for the movie, which led to a big drop in collections as well. The weekend will see some jump in collections but the business is now at very low levels so it’s hard to imagine it changes much. The business in Tamil Nadu stands at Rs. 116 crores, which is the seventh-highest ever in the state and will likely close around Rs. 120 crores.


The box office collections of Beast at the Indian box office are as follows:


Week 1 – Rs. 149.50 crores (9 days)


2nd Friday – Rs. 2.25 crores

2nd Saturday – Rs. 3.50 crores

2nd Sunday – Rs. 4.75 crores

2nd Monday – Rs. 1.60 crores

2nd Tuesday – Rs. 1.50 crores

2nd Wednesday – Rs. 1.30 crores

2nd Thursday – Rs. 0.60 crores


Total – Rs. 165 crores.


The collections of the film in Tamil Nadu are at HIT to SUPER HIT level for a big star movie. Since the movie was an own release by the production, there are no losses at distribution otherwise generally a Vijay film would have fetched Rs. 75-80 crores from a third party and that would have seen losses in Rs. 10-15 crores range. The business is good in AP/TS and Karnataka as well, though the distributor will be seeing some losses. Kerala is underwhelming which is one of the strongest places for Vijay but was badly affected by KGF 2 wave.


The territorial breakdown for box office collections of Beast at the Indian box office is as follows:


Tamil Nadu – Rs. 116 crores

AP/TS – Rs. 18.75 crores

Karnataka – Rs. 14 crores

Kerala – Rs. 11.25 crores

North India – Rs. 5 crores


Total – Rs. 165 crores


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