Aryan Khan begins work on Amazon Prime Video web show

Was Aryan Khan a victim of police corruption?

“The role of 7 to 8 BCN agents was deemed suspicious”

A BCN vigilance investigation has hinted that Aryan Khan may have been targeted.

Aryan was arrested in 2021 in a drug case during a raid on a cruise ship.

An internal BCN investigation revealed numerous irregularities in their investigation. The report also said seven to eight CBN officers exhibited “suspicious behavior” during the investigation.

These findings cast a major cloud over the PNE and its agents.

Although Aryan was released without charge, political figures and names in the film industry claimed that the NCB investigation was far from ideal.

During the investigation, the statements of 65 witnesses were recorded while the bank details and other financial information of the family members of the officers in question were also monitored.

It was reported that a few of the interviewees changed their statements several times.

Most agents are from the department, however, a report will be submitted to the authority to take action against those who are not currently serving the department.

BCN officials revealed that the Special Investigation Team (SIT) had submitted its vigilance report.

The SIT was formed to investigate allegations of corruption by investigators in the Aryan Khan case. The SIT also found deficiencies in the investigation of other related and unrelated cases.

An official said: “The role of 7-8 BCN officers was found to be suspicious in this matter, into which a ministerial investigation has been opened.

“Permission has been sought from senior officers to take action against those outside the NCB.”

The revelations are believed to be the second setback for the BCN.

The first was when Aryan Khan received the court’s clean tip in May 2022, eight months after his arrest in the cruise drug case. After Aryan’s acquittal, the BCN had to admit that it had not found “sufficient evidence” against Aryan and five other co-defendants.

Some of the main allegations made by BCN officials against Aryan included that he was “a regular drug user”, that he was involved in “illicit drug trafficking” and that he was involved in “the supply and distribution of drugs”.

But after the legal proceedings and the judgment, the BCN had to reconsider its allegations. With these new revelations coming to light, the NCB’s involvement in the high-profile case appears to have taken another serious hit.

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